Quinta Ecológica da Moita

Education & Environmental Conservation

Quinta Ecológica da Moita (QEM) is an ecological farm located just 6 km from the city of Aveiro. It plays an important role from the ecological point of view and is a true biodiversity diamond.

QEM was born of a partnership between the Portuguese Environmental Education Association (ASPEA) and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Aveiro (SCMA).
Its mission is to contribute to a more environmentally conscious citizenship, to create and expand ecological awareness through active work and contact with nature.

QEM aims to stimulate environmental education, through activities for the general public, families and schools. Furthermore, it’s a refuge of biodiversity, constituted by zones of leisure, agricultural lands and forest.

Quinta Ecológica da Moita has different spaces and equipments including: woods, environmental education center; pedestrian rails; pedagogical vegetable garden; teaching apiary; puddles; water lines and picnic park. A renewable energies pedagogical park is also being developed.

QEM offers a large number of activities, permanent and scheduled, such as nature classes, the farm goes to school, pedagogic vegetable gardens, volunteering, exhibitions and other workshops and outdoor activities. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, organic farming, forest and water, recycling, bees and other pollinators insect.

Its rich biodiversity makes it an important refuge for wildlife conservation and an unique ecosystem in the region.
The QEM team includes environmental educators, researchers, environmental engineers, nature photographers, zootechnical engineers, among others.
All this allows for a combination of environmental education, dissemination of science, research, arts, leisure and contemplation.

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