Repair Café Lisboa

Say no to waste!

We throw away so many things, even when they could still be fixed or reused. This is because most people no longer know how to repair everyday objects. In addition, the knowledge and practical skills of repair are not valued.

The Repair Café aims to change all this, promoting the sharing of technical and cultural knowledge among citizens so that they are more autonomous, conscious and responsible for the impact they have on the Planet. They also aim to value and repair objects so that instead of being thrown away, they are converted or integrated into the creation of new useful objects and thus used for a longer time, reducing the use of new materials and energy to produce them.

Repair Cafés are independent, public and free events organised by volunteers. During these events, volunteer repairers teach and share knowledge with visitors who bring objects for repair. A few examples of this are electronic appliances, sewing, carpentry and/or bicycles.

If you have broken things and don’t know what to do, take them to a Repair Café where volunteers will help repair them. Say No to Waste!

Repair Café in Lisboa is supported by Circular Economy Portugal.
Repair Café Porto is also supported by Circular Economy Portugal and OPO’Lab.

Note: these are the addresses where repair cafes usually take place, however, there are special editions elsewhere.

Rua Maria da Fonte 5
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