Rio-a-Dentro – Nature tours on river Tagus

Tagus River as you never saw it

Rio-a-Dentro is a maritime-tourist operator that provides unique nature tours on Tagus River.

Navigating with Rio-a-Dentro is discovering a unique piece of the Tagus, a river full of natural beauty and wildlife.
Here nature is generous: green banks, secondary canals, many islands, beaches, horses, birds and fish.

The section of the Tagus in the area of ​​Escaroupim, Salvaterra de Magos (60km from Lisbon and 30km from Santarém), is very little known and a real piece of paradise. This is the perfect place for those who like nature and need to unwind from day to day life. And for those who love nature photography and bird watching, don’t forget to bring the camera and charged batteries, you’ll need them!

Get to know the “Ilha das Garças” (Island of Herons), “Ilha dos Amores” (Island of Loves) and “Ilha dos Cavalos” (Island of Horses), among others. You will go through riverside villages, “Valada”, “Palhota” and, if tide allows it, navigate the secondary channels. Nearly secret places that only those who were born here know well.

Rio-a-Dentro nature tours are an ecotourism activity, during which you’ll get to known and discover river Tagus and its biodiversity. You will see birds and horses closely, but without disturbing them. Many of the species of birds that live here also nest in the area. And the horses that live here and graze the islands also like to be at peace. That’s why the tours are non invasive and respectful.
Discover the different shades of the Tagus river in the wild and feel in harmony with nature. It will surely be unforgettable!

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Largo dos Avieiros
Salvaterra de Magos
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Weekends: Saturdays from 10h30 to 13h00 and from 14h30 to 17h00 (summer 17h30 to 20h00) Week days: every day and group dedicated schedules (in summer tours to be arranged according to demand and availability)