Rita C

Organic and Natural Products

Rita C is a project created in 2007, following the personal search for organic products, natural, free of unwanted chemicals, suited for people with allergic problems, not tested on animals, etc.

Following this search they found products with these characteristics and with many more virtues, such as: 98% of the vegan products; scents without perfume; products developed in harmony with nature, using artisan production techniques, friendly to the environment and produced by companies with a concern for very strong environmental sustainability.

Delicious. Organic. Natural.
This is Rita C‘s motto because they believe that what we uses to wash and put on the skin should be as healthy as what we eat; since everything that is absorbed by the skin ends up deposited in every corner of your body.

Through their products, they want to help you take care of yourself and your body. According to experts, our skin absorbs a large part (about 60%) of what the products contain. So they believe that your body must be “fed” with high quality, natural and organic products. In addition, they must provide an understandable list of ingredients which doesn’t leave room for doubts.

They are convinced that good ingredients make excellent products and, int turn, these make people happy. So they bring nature back to you.

Pure ingredients, nothing more!

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