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Natural and therapeutic soaps

Shop Serradas Sabão Original offers natural soaps produced with 100% vegetable oils and essential oils.
There is a wide range of soaps suitable, for example, for those who have skin problems, sensitive skin and for those who are looking for natural and organic products! Natural soaps leave the skin extremely moisturised, help reduce itching, are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

The benefits of the use of Serrados Sabão Original natural soaps are associated to:

  • the highest quality and least refined ingredients possible, which include Portuguese olive oil; coconut oil, avocado oil; cocoa butter; essencial oils; as well as clay, micas and others
  • the manufacturing process that is handmade, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly!
  • the absence of synthetic chemicals, parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or preservatives that can cause skin irritations to the most sensitive skin types
  • the fact that natural glycerine is not removed as in industrially produced soaps and shower gels
  • their properties, namely being extremely moisturising; antiseptic; healing; anti-bacterial; anti-fungal; rich in vitamin E (antioxidant) …
  • the specificity to different skin types: mixed skins; fragile skins prone to redness, eczemas, psoriasis, acne; etc..

With a good soap in your day to day you will surely see the difference in your skin!

In addition to the ready-to-use soaps, Serrados Sabão Original also provides molds and stamps so you can make your own soaps.

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