Organic and gluten-free granola - health, flavor and colour

Simplu creates delicious healthy snacks, simply “healthasty”!
Their granolas are nutritionally rich, enriched with unique and unmistakable flavours. The ingredients are simple, pure, natural and vegan.

Simplu‘s team believes that we are what we eat and that we benefit from a truly healthy diet. So they create products with transparent labels, demand quality and always choose the best ingredients from sustainable origins.

Chemical or refined additives don’t enter Simplu‘s kitchen! They rely on 100% vegetable, organic and seasonal ingredients.

Simplu granolas are certified as organic by Certiplanet and gluten fFree by the Portuguese Celiac Association/Biotrab .

Simplu supports the preservation of the environment, conscious consumption and greater equality for small producers. That is why they use organic ingredients and distribute the granola in bulk. The granolas are also sold in reusable packages (zip bag) and pocket format to carry everywhere!

Simplu products are perfect for giving colour, flavour, aroma and texture to any recipe. They are based on simple recipes and nutritionally rich foods, unique in taste and appearance, for those looking for a better diet.
Just a hint is able to make each recipe a true gastronomic and sensory experience in a truly healthy way.

In addition to the Simplu online store, you can purchase these healthy snacks in one of the following stores: 4BioADNBio, Alfazema, BioEscolha, Biofrade Lourinhã, Biofrade ParedeBiomercado, Circulo Bio, Hastaggranel, Maria Granel and Quintal Bioshop.

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