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SIZ is the project of two twin sisters, Raquel and Sofia, bonded by many things, including the passion for Fashion Design.

They grew up together and together developed various interests and abilities, which led them to the same university course. Aí, they were together once more.
Now they stick together to give life to this brand!

They are based in Portugal and can be found in their atelier in Sesimbra, near the beach and the mountains.
That’s where they do all the thinking, research, development and collection design.

The patterns are also made in the studio using old fabrics. Then they cut them in new fabrics and sew it with love. If needed, they also do the printings or embroidery work.

SIZ distinguishes itself by combining Clean and Crafty in an urban, casual and dynamic way and explores fabrics and techniques in the name of creative and aesthetic freedom.

Their SS18 collection is responsible and sustainable, perfectly translating the brand’s environmental and social concerns:

  • almost 100% of the pieces are made of natural and organic fibers, such as cotton and lotus
  • fabrics that are not GOTS certified, are made of reused material or leftovers
  • 100% of the collection is made of vegan fibres and have the PETA APROVED logo
  • from the design to the delivery of the product, everything is done on a small scale in SIZ‘s or with the support of local dressmakers
  • all the people involved in the creation of SIZ clothing line work under fair conditions and wages
  • there is a strong concern about waste reduction, so they look for the best way to cut clothes in order to minimize waste and when leftovers are large enough, they are used in other products

Shop directly at their studio, online shop or at Casa Mãe.

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