Vintage Clothing

About SOUL
Inspired by vintage style, SOUL was started by Vera Fernandes.

Passionate about timeless and genuinely unique pieces, heavily influenced by the 80s, both the icons of that time and the clothes our grandmothers made.

SOUL‘s goal is to inspire and empower women of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles, believing that clothing doesn’t have to be exactly new to be amazing.

Style has nothing to do with price and for those who appreciate exclusivity, you can find at SOUL pieces that were manufactured by seamstresses or by brands that supposedly no longer exist.

Vintage clothing has a long history and can be used with the same joy as the first time, and in a simple and easy way, we contribute to sustainable practices and consumption.

Determined, courageous and extremely resilient, Vera decided to take a risk, as she believes she has something to offer, not being an enthusiast by nature.

“Vintage make my SOUL happy.”

Incentive to Shop2Shop
At SOUL we encourage Shop2Shop shipping – choose a pickup point, and pick up your order on your way home or work. Reduce your ecological footprint, for a greener planet.

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