Innovative, high performance bio materials

Spawnfoam is a biotechnology company that produces innovative bio materials of natural origin, fully biodegradable and alternative to plastics. These bio materials combine natural elements such as organic, agroforestry and fungal mycelium.

Their goal is to change the paradigm of production and consumption of composites and materials derived from petroleum, such as plastics, presenting a competitive alternative of organic and biodegradable origin.

They stand out in the market due to the technological innovation in the development of bio materials that contribute decisively to the increase of the sustainability of the planet; efficiency in the use of resources and, consequently, the transition to a circular economy.

Spawnfoam biocomposites are multifaceted and result in numerous applications. The products available include pots for plant and tree transplantation; ornamental vases; construction panels and decorative items that can be customised to the client’s needs.

After their original application, they can be reused for organic fertilisation of soils or incorporation into new bio composites.
The fact that they are 100% biodegradable products, contributes to environmental sustainability; decarbonisation and reduction of the ecological footprint.

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