Terracrua Design

Mainframe Design for Regenerative Agriculture

Terracrua Design is a consultancy and planning company passionate about helping farm owners create a productive and profitable regenerative agriculture farm or estate.

They act professionally in providing specialized services in advising; planning, implementing and managing regenerative agriculture farms & estates.

Terracrua helps and supports those who want to invest and install a productive farm or estate, in an ecological-regenerative context; with an abundant economy based on several key activities, such as extensive rotational cattle; organic agriculture; fruit growing; forest management; tourism; nature, the valorization of local products and resources.

​Our main objective is to help the client to materialize his vision of the space and the activities he intends to promote, in a complete and ecologically mainframe plan; through various supports, such as maps, technical drawings and tables; where the sequence of actions (both implemention and management) over time is established, with what techniques and methods, and the investment required for each work and zone to be developed.

With this approach, a clearer idea of ​​the project and its evolution is determined, facilitating the establishment of priorities in the implementations and sub-projects. The result and advantages are a more sensible and efficient management of resources, time, and money.

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