The Green Beauty Concept

Online store for organic, cruelty free and natural beauty

? Online store for organic, cruelty free and natural beauty products
? The best for you Skin, Hair and Makeup

Created in 2017, The Green Beauty Concept is a multi-brand online store where you can find natural beauty, healthy, organic and non-toxic products.

At The Green Beauty Concept each product is carefully selected to meet 5 essential criteria:

  1. Products that work
  2. Natural, healthy and non-toxic
  3. In harmony with the planet
  4. Cruelty-free (they are not tested on animals)
  5. They convey wellness, elegance and luxury

The store works with independent brands, which are often small businesses, with a small family environment. The creators of these brands are hardworking entrepreneurs who create natural products of excellence without compromising integrity. Many of the selected brands have obtained external certifications attesting that the products are natural, organic and not tested on animals.

Most of the products and brands at The Green Beauty Concept are available in Portugal exclusively through its online store.

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