The Therapist

Healthy restaurant, alternative therapies clinic and school

The Therapist arose from a desire to change, to help those who visit and to leave the world a better place. Exaggerated? Perhaps. But The Therapist team is passionate about what they do!

Here you will find a restaurant, a wellness area and a school. The three strands for well-being: food, therapies and learning. All in one place, at LxFactory in Lisbon.

The restaurant is flexitarian, and uses organic fresh produce and products of sustainable national origin, leaving out refined sugars and dairy products. It is a relaxed space with healthy food and free of harmful ingredients. The restaurant also has a small library.

In the wellness clinic you will find alternative and complementary therapies such as Quantum Therapy; Shiatsu; Naturopathy; Book Therapy; Therapeutic Massage and Functional Nutrition.

The Therapist school is a school of life, unlike the schools we know and attend, that approaches the most varied subjects with a common goal: learn what they have not taught us in school. Healthy cooking, meditation, managing your agenda, breastfeeding and teamwork are just a few examples of the courses and workshops on offer.

The Therapist also has event rooms tailored for organic and healthy catering, training actions and all sorts of other activities.

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