The Wanderlust

We plan authentic adventures!

The Wanderlust is about travelling, adventure, discovering, exploring and living the world! At the same time, it is also to engage with the destination, protecting and respecting communities, culture, traditions and environment.

The team at The Wanderlust believes that travellers can have a positive impact on destinations they visit by having an open mind, being knowledgeable and willing to dive into other cultures. Therefore, they provide experiences from many corners of the world, where the focus is on sustainability. This way, they contribute to the preservation or improvement of travel destinations, for both locals and visitors. At the same time, they seek to make the travellers’ experience more enriching, rewarding and enjoyable. Always bring something with them, be they memories, experiences or friendships while leaving something good behind!

The Wanderlust plans responsible and sustainable trips, supporting and promoting, whenever possible, local projects at the destination through their philanthropic project Wander For Good. Thus, travellers see where their time, money and help go to.

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