Wholly Joana

Vegan and Eco-Lifestyle

Joana has been passionate about nature ever since she was a little girl. For that reason, she ended up graduating in Biology and specialising in environmental studies.
In 2012, she began the transition to a vegetarian diet,or the sake of the environment, animals, my health and for believing in a sustainable future. This process has led her to a strict vegetarian diet free of any animal product and palm oil.

The transition also included an adjustment of behaviours and habits towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with the least possible environmental impact.
Thus, Joana produces most of her household cleaning products, personal hygiene and cosmetics. For this purpose, she uses natural ingredients in order to avoid harmful chemicals for both her health and the environment. In this way, she also avoids unnecessary purchase of packaging and production of waste.

Joana gives community priority instead of individualism, taking pleasure in the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences. From this desire to exchange knowledge came the Wholly Joana project, through which she gives lectures and workshops focused on environmental awareness, sharing facts and scientific data about the environment and eco lifestyles, as well as teaching how to move from theory to practice.

In addition, she advises on helps others to adopt a vegetarian diet or a more sustainable lifestyle. The recommendations vary depending on the environment in which one lives and their circumstances, which are different for each individual.

WHOLLY for “whole food”. WHOLLY for “wholly me”, that is, entirely “I”.
Joana wants to share who she is, why she am like that and how she makes it happen.

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