Z Vegan Hair Concept – by João e Brito

We take care of you and your hair with love for the planet

The Z Vegan Hair Concept is a vegan, cruelty free and organic hair stylist and beauty studio.
Open since 2008, it only uses products free of sulfates, parabens, ammonia, folmaldehyde, PPD’s, nickel and resorcinol.

Z Vegan Hair Concept team wants to transform the lives of all the people who enter their shop. They show that going to the hairdresser is more than styling their hair, it’s a meeting with their inner self.
They go beyond the obvious – be more beautiful on the outside! – and touch the soul.

Each customer is unique, so they seek to tailor their services in a personalised way, with all the quality, differentiation and constant innovation.
They provide a complete experience of physical and emotional well-being, that’s why they are demanding and choose to use products that treat clients well and respect nature. A selection of vegan, cruelty free and herbal products and other natural ingredients, which naturally enhances  beauty, free of recurring chemicals in hair treatments.

Z is represented by the number 7 (spirituality), in Hebrew it is the letter Zain, which represents mobility, fluidity of movement, not standing still and desiring more to reach the maximum potential of our purpose.

Z Vegan Hair Concept shares spirituality, eco-friendly and vegan awareness, to contribute to a better world.

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Praceta Torres do Restelo 7
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Tue - Sat: 09h30 to 19h00 Sun: closed